I produce commercials, films and short films for companies helping them to visualizate their products, personal style and corporate identity. In this wolrd it´s very important to have a good institutional image.



Filmed in South Patagonia in hidden and surprising tiny rivers. Juan Manuel Biott, Head Guide of "La ruta", show us stunning places in the middle of nowhere. Strong fish, dry flies, streamres and rivers full of life surrounded by awesome landscapes and beautiful light.


It was an absolute pleasure to film this movie and work side by side with Juan Manuel.



The Route of the Spring Creeks

Belousiha & Voronya

Nature & Fly Fishing

Belousiha River Lodge it´s a beautiful and familiar place in the Russian Kola Peninsula with two very different rivers. Belousiha, an small rivers with awesome fish and hidden treasures, and Voronya, a traditional wide salmon river with challenging and big salmon.


Max Mars, head guide of the camp, teaches us the secrets of this beautiful place with great fish, under the light of the midnight sun.