My name is César and I´m Filmmaker and Photographer based in Madrid (Spain). I've been traveling all over the world for more than 15 years now filming and shooting. I grew up with a nikon camera in my hands, and I still shoot today with one. For me filming and shooting it´s not only to look for the perfect pic but to be focus in what I´m doing and what I want to do. Behind the lenses it´s my place.






Current Projet

I have worked and collaborated with media and companies like:


Canalsnowboard, Rider evolution, Snowplanet magazine, Canal plus, Canal campero, Via digital, Movistar plus, Caza y pesca channel, Madrid snowZone, Solosnowboard, Surfer rule,,,,, 20 minutos newspaper, Lugaresdenieve,,, Danica fly fishing magazine, Sportlife,, Belousiha River Lodge, Varzina sportfish, Quiksilver spain, Salomon snowboards, Tres amigos outfitters, Estancia laguna verde lodge, Revista oxigeno, Kronolaxfisket, Poleart spain, Vailresorts, Pyrenair.




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Filming is an adventure itself as you always meet new people, new places and different ways of living. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of filming and photoshooting. It´s a way to reconnect with people, with nature and with yourself. Putting all toghether is something that really worth every step you make in your productions.

Every detail counts when you look trough out your camera lens.



Streamerman TV series:

Streamerman is the TV show I produce and film in Movistar plus platform. Movistar is the most important TV platform in Spain with more than 3.9 millions of viewers. 

In every season I travel around the world looking for great places for fly fishing. I have visited and filmed places like Sweden, Kola Península, Scotland, Argentina, west of Europe and lots of places in Spain.

Always with the maximum respect for the fish with cath and release fishing and looking for a fish of a lifetime.